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Reasons People Love Braces

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Braces have been around for many decades. In the past, there were many stigmas about braces, such as the devices being unattractive or childish. Today, however, braces are common in many areas and for many families. The style of braces today are much less conspicuous and more comfortable than traditional metal braces have been in the past. Today you have many options for receiving orthodontic care, which also helps more people love the idea of braces. Some styles such as lingual braces and Invisalign transparent aligners are highly popular with adults and even teens. Learn more about your options for braces, how they help you, and why over 4.5 million people a year wear them to achieve a straighter, more beautiful smile.


People Love the Benefits of Braces

Millions of people invest their time and money in orthodontic care every year. In fact, there are around 4.5 million people just in the United States that are straightening their smiles each year. Why? There are amazing benefits that come from straightening your pearly whites! Straightening your smile can boost your confidence in school, at work, and even at home. A better smile exudes confidence and happiness, especially because you’ll want to smile more when your smile is beautiful. Studies have shown that straightening your teeth helps make you happier. Others also perceive you as being more successful, attractive, happy, and confident. It’s a win-win for both you and others.


Plus, orthodontic care through braces helps to keep your smile strong and reduces your risk for tooth decay and gum disease. How? Many people have crooked teeth. Through experience, we know that crooked teeth are harder to clean than straight teeth. Food gets stuck in nooks and crannies that are hard to get to, and plaque tends to sit on certain areas longer because the teeth are harder to clean. That can lead to tooth decay (a.k.a. cavities) and plaque can even irritate your gums and lead to gum disease. However, straightening your teeth makes cleaning them much easier, reducing your risk for both tooth decay and gum disease. Who wouldn’t want that?


What Are Your Options?

The majority of people wearing brackets are teenagers. However, about 1/4th of the 4.5 million wearers are adults and there is a large portion that are children. Depending on your age, you will have different needs and different options for braces. Children under the age of 10 generally receive brackets to help correct bite and alignment issues. We love braces at this age, because correction of bite and alignment is a cinch compared to when children become adults. The jaw is still growing and forming up through the first part of adolescence, making it much easier to mold the jaws into proper alignment. Metal braces are the option people love for correcting orthodontic problems in children.


For adults and teenagers, the important part besides straightening the teeth is aesthetics. How do you want your braces to look? Do you want them to be bright and colorful or do you want to straighten your teeth discreetly? Thankfully, there are options for those who want to wear their brackets loud and proud and those who want to keep their straightening to themselves. Instead of only traditional metal brackets, there are several options patients can choose for their orthodontic care.


Traditional Metal Brackets

Metal braces are known as “traditional” because they have been around for many decades. They’ve stood the test of time and have proven they are amazingly capable of straightening teeth more than any other braces. Patients who choose this option love that this is the most economic choice. Patients also have the ability to dress up their brackets with different colors at every appointment.


Clear Ceramic

These have the benefits of traditional metal brackets, but are made from ceramic material. Ceramic braces are a revolutionary system designed to fit the whiteness of your teeth. Ceramic material is already white, helping it to blend with your teeth. Patients love this option because they get to have the feel and strength of metal braces, but they don’t stand out as much. Even the archwire can be made white so that your orthodontic care is subtle and beautiful.


Incognito Lingual Braces

Want straighter teeth but don’t like the look of metal? You can invest in Incognito lingual braces that run along the inside of your teeth. We custom make metal brackets for the inside of each patient’s tooth. This hidden apparatus allows patients to straighten their smiles in secret, which is the aspect that many of our teen and adult patients love.


Invisalign Treatment

The popularity of Invisalign treatment soared since it was first introduced years ago. Invisalign is a system of transparent aligners custom-made for a patient’s mouth. A patient can straighten their smile transparently all day long without losing any aesthetic appeal. Our patients love Invisalign because the aligners can be taken out for eating, drinking, cleaning the teeth, sports and more. You get the benefits of straighter teeth without the hassle and cleaning that comes with other forms of orthodontic care.


Love Your Choice

When it comes to straightening your smile, you don’t have to settle for the ordinary. You can choose from a variety of braces types, styles and even dress up your choice with bright colors. Millions of people wear braces each year and love the results they see. We understand that nothing communicates confidence and beauty like the perfect smile. If you want to boost your confidence with a more perfect smile today, call our Hardy Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics office now at (720) 887-6003!