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Free Infant Dental Exam

Infant Dental ExamAt Hardy Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, we want the best for your child just like you do, which is why we offer a free infant dental exam for children 18 months and younger! The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends children be seen for an exam as early as 1 year of age or within 6 months of the eruption of the first baby tooth. We want to partner with you so that you can start this journey with your baby empowered with the best education and prevention strategies and tips we can offer you for success. When you choose Dr. Nam and her friendly office staff, you are choosing a dental home for your child that will provide him/her and you with the expert care, loving attention, and support that you will need for a lifetime of excellent dental health.  Just as you have a pediatrician looking out for the well-being of your child with pediatric training and skills, Dr. Nam has the extra school and training that qualifies her as a pediatric dentist equipped to nurture your young child and give him/her what they they need.


What to Expect During an Infant Dental Exam

A free infant dental exam is done in what’s called a “knee-to-knee” position with Dr. Nam and the parent. This is an opportunity for Dr. Nam to examine your child’s mouth while allowing the child to stay in the comfort and security of your lap. Dr Nam will sit facing the parent, with their knees touching. The child should be positioned facing their parent, with their legs wrapped around the parent’s waist. The child is then gently laid back into the dentist’s lap, while the parent holds their child’s hands over the child’s tummy. The dentist will gently examine the child’s mouth using a soft toothbrush and a mirror.

Although an infant dental exam is often short, some children may fuss/cry during the exam. It is important to remember that the infant dental exam does not hurt, but without it, your child’s oral health cannot be assessed. As a mom herself, Dr. Nam will do all she can to make your child feel as comfortable as possible during her assessment while applying gentle, reassuring methods and examining skills. You are both in great hands with her specialized skills and training.


Call to Schedule Your Free Infant Dental Exam

Call today to schedule your baby’s first appointment. This initial infant dental exam is complimentary for children younger than 18 months.