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Sunlife Financial PPO cover for Pediatric Dentistry

Sunlife Financial has the following dental coverage plans available: Indemnity Dental Plan.


Sunlife Financial coverage plans

Sunlife Financial PPO networks provide easy access to reputable dentists nationwide as well as discounts on covered dental care. Plans provide benefit options for basic and major dental services with no age limit. Preventive care is covered with no deductible or waiting periods.

Dental Indemnity PPO Plan

Coverage includes dental benefits through payroll deduction. This dental insurance plan provides a variety of benefits and allows you and your family to use any dentist or specialist you choose. The Sun Life Dental Network has over 130,000 providers nationwide. Benefits are paid after any applicable deductible has been met, up to the annual maximum for each covered family member.

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Sunlife Financial covers Retainers after Braces for kids?

Yes, braces are covered by individual and group plans offered by Sunlife Financial. However, there is a maximum orthodontic coverage limit of $1,500 per dependent and a 6-month waiting period. In conclusion, if you choose a higher premium plan from Sunlife Financial, braces are covered for your children.

Does Sunlife Financial cover X-Rays for Children?

Yes, Sunlife Financial PPO plans give an estimate of 100% or full coverage for diagnostic services like bitewing x-rays and full mouth x-rays with no waiting period for your dependents. Sunlife Financial PPO High plan provides coverage for bitewing x-rays twice in a calendar year for children under the age of 18 and once in 5 years for full mouth x-rays.

Does Sunlife Financial cover Cleaning and Tooth Fillings for Children?

Sunlife Financial Plans offer an estimate of 100% teeth cleaning coverage for children twice in a calendar year and with no waiting period. Basic dental services, such as amalgam and synthetic fillings for kids, are estimated to be  80% covered by Sunlife Financial PPO High Plan with a 6-month waiting period. Sunlife Financial PPO Standard plan, on the other hand, covers an estimated 50% of dental fillings for children.

Are Frenectomy, Tongue Tie and Lip Tie covered by Sunlife Financial?

Sunlife Financial may cover part of frenectomy, lip tie surgery or tongue tie procedure for your child if you have a PPO plan depending on your specific plan and coverage. Please give us a call to find out what might be covered for your kid’s specific situation.

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