Laser Dentistry in Erie,CO: Eliminating Shots, Drilling, and Pain

Laser Dentistry: Transforming Your Child’s Experience

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Published on July 14, 2016, Updated on June 27, 2017

Laser dentistry is achieving what dentists have been dreaming of for years. Thanks to breakthrough-science, now your child can have a cavity treated almost always without shots and without drilling and in a fraction of the time.
Dr. Nam has been trained on the high-tech laser and is currently the only dentist in Colorado we are aware of that can offer you this high-tech treatment option for your child. Stepping away from the need for shots and drills is transforming the way children think about visiting their dentist. Now, children think visiting the dentist is exciting–the laser is “cool.”


Laser Dentistry: Eliminating the Need for Shots and the Fear of the Dentist

When kids are polled about what they fear most about going to the dentist, the results are often the same.  Shots.  Noisy drills.  Numb faces.  Extended periods of time in the dentist office that keeps them away from more preferred activities.  Laser dentistry is transforming the dental experience for the average child because it resolves all those concerns for 95 percent of patients.


Laser Dentistry Advantages over Traditional Treatment Methods

When comparing laser dentistry treatment to traditional dental drill treatment, the laser:

  • Promotes faster healing.  As a result of decreased bleeding, trauma, and decreased risk of infection.
  • Lessens pain. The laser seals nerve endings often eliminating the need for dental anesthesia.
  • Calms nerves.  Patients relax more when the dental drill is not present.
  • Reduces bleeding and swelling.   The laser seals blood vessels triggering immediate blood clotting during soft tissue treatments.
  • Eliminates stitches.  The laser cauterizes the area making stitches completely unnecessary for some patients.
  • Lowers infection risk. The laser sterilizes the area instantly during treatment.
  • Improves precision.  The laser allows Dr. Nam to limit the trauma to the treated area, which protects the neighboring tissue from inadvertent damage.


Dental Laser Tissue Treatment Options

Hardy Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics provides cutting edge dental care to the Erie, Colorado community.  Our ability to offer you the advantages of laser dentistry–something still not available at the majority of dental offices–is something that underscores our dedication to offering you the best technology and science can offer you.  Laser dentistry can be used for:


  • Treating hot/cold sensitivity by sealing the tubules at the root of the tooth
  • Locating subsurface cavities that elude X-rays and traditional probing tools
  • Disinfecting the cavity of a tooth prior to filling
  • Recontouring the gum and bone tissue to uncover healthier tooth structure, creating a stronger foundational tooth restoration placement
  • Repairing a gummy smile
  • Improving limited tongue movement in children and babies
  • Mending speech impediments caused by the tongue
  • Removing (without pain) benign tumors inside the mouth, including the gums, cheeks, palate, and lips
  • Healing cold sores, get rid of pain and speeding up healing
  • Quickening the teeth whitening process
  • Improving regular and deep cleanings (scaling and root planing) to remove tartar
  • Providing care for TMJ (Thermomandibular Joint Syndrome): cold lasers help control tooth sensitivity, inflammation, and TMJ pain.


Am I a Candidate for Dental Laser Treatment?

Most patients are candidates for laser dentistry, but it is important to keep in mind that laser dentistry is not helpful in treatment cases that require Dr. Nam to to shape a filling, adjust your bite, or polish a completed filling. At times, traditional dental drills are more effective than lasers to: 1) Address cavities between teeth; 2) Work near old fillings; 3) Prep a tooth for a dental crown; or 4) Prepare teeth for a dental bridge.


Call for a Laser Dentistry Treatment Evaluation

If you want to know more about the advantages of laser dentistry treatment and what it can do for the health of your smile, or if you’d like to make an appointment, call our office in Erie today at 720-887-6003 to make an appointment.