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March 10, 2017
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At Hardy Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, we believe that smiles really do change lives and nothing draws a smile like showing love to others through meaningful dental service. Dr. T.C.Hardy and Dr. Nam strive to make more community members smile by helping underserved communities whenever and wherever we can. Dr. T.C. Hardy and Dr. Nam share their specialty skills and experience in orthodontics and pediatrics with children, teenagers, and adults through a number of organizations that focus on providing dental service to those in need. In order to help all people achieve straighter teeth, healthier smiles and greater confidence, Dr. T.C. Hardy and Dr. Nam have assisted organizations with dental service including:  Project Smile and Smiles Change Lives. Learn more about the dental service and volunteer work of Dr. T.C. Hardy and Dr. Nam and how you can get involved!


Smiles Change Lives

Thousands of smiles have been transformed in the U.S. and abroad since 1997 with Smiles Change Lives, an organization created by Mrs. Virginia Brown. Virginia grew up during the Great Depression when money was scarce.  Her family was not financially able to provide her orthodontic treatment for many years. During her youth, she experienced ridicule and lower self-esteem and decided she would change the lives of other children through grants and youth programs to receive facial and oral treatment. She and her husband began the Virginia and Maurice Brown Foundation, which focused on maxillofacial surgery for youth (such as cleft lip and palate). Later in 1997, she would go on to create the Virginia Brown Community Orthodontic Partnership with the University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Dentistry to provide youth grants for orthodontic treatments. This has evolved into Smiles Change Lives, an organization with more than 700 orthodontists nationwide as well as many volunteers offering dental service.

Dr. T.C. Hardy and Dr. Nam have been part of this organization for years and are set on helping financially-restricted parents have the opportunity for their children to receive orthodontic treatment and dental service. They volunteer their time and donate their resources to offset the cost of braces for these families, while providing children with healthier, beautiful smiles and an added measure of confidence.  In March 2014, Smiles Change Lives selected Dr. Hardy as the Orthodontic Provider of the week.


Project Smile

Dr. T.C. Hardy and Dr. Nam are also part of an organization based locally out of Fort Collins, Colorado called Project Smile.  Project Smile was created to meet the needs of low-income families by providing dental treatment for their children. The program is focused on alleviating pain (such as toothaches) and unmet dental needs of school children throughout the various school districts with backing from community organizations and businesses rather than the government. The project originally started as a partnership between the North Fort Collins Business Association and Irish Elementary School and later grew as community need grew. Even with government help, only about 25% of children from low-income homes receive sealants for cavities and other dental treatments nationwide, but Project Smile wants to change that with their added help. Dr. T.C. Hardy, Dr. Nam and their staff provide oral health screenings to underserved children and schools in the area to help Project Smile’s goal of reaching all children in need. To date, 6,299 dental screenings and 3,902 vision screenings have been conducted through Project Smile, with that number growing every day.


Call to Find Out How You Can Offer Dental Service!

Dr. T.C. Hardy, Dr. Nam and their staff are always looking for new opportunities to help the community, families and children in any way they can. If you have suggestions for new community projects, dental service and endeavors we can become a part of, visit our blog or Facebook page and let us know. Check in often to see what we are up to and how you can get involved!