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Frenulum of Tongue

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July 16, 2022
September 19, 2022
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The frenulum of tongue (tongue web) is a tiny fold of mucous membrane that runs from the floor of the mouth to the midline of the tongue’s underside. Its purpose is to help secure the tooth in the mouth and regulate tongue movements. The tongue frenulum is also known as the Lingual Frenulum. See What is Tongue Tie.

What is the Function of the Frenulum of Tongue?

The frenulum, a fold of mucous membrane that attaches the ventral tongue to the floor of the mouth, supports the tongue and limits its movement.

Is Lingual Frenulum Important?

The frenulum’s major function is to strengthen the stability of the tongue, upper lip, and lower lip in the mouth. When the frenulum grows incorrectly, it might cause difficulties in mouth development.

What is Causing Pain in my Lingual Frenulum?

Soreness, tenderness, and pain in the lingual frenulum may be caused by the following oral health conditions.

  • a lack of vitamin B12, folate, and iron
  • Some mouthwashes may cause tongue irritation.
  • an injury to the mouth
  • Some beta-blockers and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may cause lingual frenulum pain.

Is it Possible to Cut Your Lingual Frenulum?

One approach to treating tongue-tie is surgery to remove a lingual frenulum. The frenulum, a band of connective tissue that links two places, is severed during frenectomy.


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