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What is a Dental Adjunctive Procedure?

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July 6, 2022
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A therapy that is required before, during, or after a dental procedure in order to ensure its success is known as a dental adjunctive procedure. A dental procedure that is a supplemental, subsidiary, or additional is another name for it.

Who needs an Adjunctive dental procedure?

To make sure that the implant is surrounded by enough healthy bone, some individuals may need additional surgery. It also refers to supplementary orthodontic services.

What are the different types of Adjunctive procedures for dental implants?

The many types of dental implant adjunctive procedures include the ones listed below:

  • Bone Grafting
  • Gum Grafting
  • Crown Lengthening

What is Adjunctive orthodontic services?

Adjunctive orthodontic services are additional orthodontic operations that are often combined with other necessary dental procedures. The improvement of the patient’s dental health is the primary objective of supplemental orthodontics.

What are the different types of Adjunctive orthodontic services?

Popular orthodontic ancillary treatments include palatal expanders, elastics, and retainers.

What are the perks of Adjunctive dental procedures?

Ancillary dental procedures help to improve oral health by preventing the development of periodontal cavities and pockets. Additionally, it offers aesthetic benefits including whiter teeth and better tooth spacing.

The following are some benefits of supplementary dental treatment:

  • Improved tooth position
  • Enhanced dental health
  • Aesthetic enhancements
  • Correct and better spacing of teeth


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