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Cost of Frenectomy & Tongue Tie/Lip Tie Near Erie Colorado

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It is a straightforward surgical operation to remove the frenum (also known as the tongue tie or lip tie repair) from the mouth. When the lip meets the gum or the tongue meets the bottom of the mouth, it is called a frenum. The frenum is a muscleless tissue. When the frenum limits movement because it is excessively thick or too tight, it might interfere with nursing, as well as the way the kid eats, talks, and swallows, among other things.

How much is a frenectomy?

Mouth structure showing Tongue, Lips and TeethAn estimated cost for a tongue tie repair or lip tie correction is $400 to $2500, depending on a variety of criteria, including the experience of the individual doing the treatment, the method employed, the location, the age of the kid, and the severity of the case. The average cost of a frenectomy is $800 if the procedure is performed without insurance.

A frenectomy may be covered by dental insurance in some cases. It may be covered by either the mother’s or the child’s insurance policies, respectively. Obtain further information about frenectomy and insurance coverage from your insurance provider.

how much is tongue tie correction without insurance?

Is it a good investment?

Restrictive Frenulums can have a negative impact on the development of the jaw and teeth, eating, breathing, digestion, and swallowing. Reflux is frequently coupled with tongue and/or lip ties, which can cause substantial discomfort for the newborn. A laser frenectomy (removal of the frenulum) may be indicated when reduced mobility interferes with bottle-feeding and nursing, or when it causes discomfort to the mother and children.

While it is possible that the mother will not experience any discomfort while breastfeeding, a restricted frenulum can cause problems with dental and jaw development, difficulty or inability to swallow solid foods, cavities, spacing between the teeth, breathing and sleeping problems, posture issues (including TMD), reflux and headaches, among other problems. Read upper lip.

Saving Money

Having determined that a frenectomy is necessary, you and your dentist or medical specialist can save money in a variety of ways.

  • Government Programs – When this surgery has a detrimental impact on breastfeeding, Medicaid may cover the cost in many states.
  • Flexible spending accounts (FSA) – A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is a defined amount of pretax money that is deducted from your paycheck and placed in an account for the purpose of paying for medical expenses. A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) may only be obtained through an employer who provides this benefit. You may find out more about the FSA by visiting their website. here.
  • Health savings accounts (HSA) – Pretax income can be placed away in a health savings account (HSA), which is regulated by the government and used to pay for health-care expenses that are not covered by insurance. Inquire with our Benefits Coordinator whether you have an HSA or an FSA since you may be able to pay for therapy and then be repaid, or you may be able to have your benefits sent straight to the doctor if you do. Find out more about HSA’s.
  • Dental schools – Always do your research to discover if there are any businesses in your area that may be willing to give discounts on their services. – Schools that provide cheap treatments in exchange for your agreement to let a student observe and learn from your treatment are commonplace these days. It is expected that the student who will be giving your services will be overseen by a board-certified dentist who is located near the school.
  • In House Payment Plans – Monthly payment options are available so that our patients may afford this treatment with a smaller monthly payment rather than having to pay the entire price up once. We also take all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, in . CareCredit is another financial institution with whom we operate.

Erie Frenectomy Cost Near Me

In the event that you are in the vicinity of we encourage you to book an appointment with us as soon as possible so that we can answer any concerns you may have regarding the procedure or the fees. Make no mistake about it: the cost of this life-changing treatment should not deter you from exploring your options.


How much does a frenectomy cost?

Frenectomy usually costs between $400 and $2500, with an average cost of $800. Hardy Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics accepts many forms of payment, including payment plans.

Is frenectomy covered by insurance?

A frenectomy may be covered by dental insurance in some cases. It may be covered by either the mother's or the child's insurance policies, respectively. We have a benefits coordinator working with us atHardy Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics has years of experience with working with insurance companies and is glad to help.

When attempting to save time and money, choosing a dentist who is close to your home, place of employment, or place of education is critical. In addition to normal visits, there may be a few therapy or follow-up appointments later on. You’ll find it much easier if your dental clinic is close by. Seek out a frenectomy expert who has a stellar reputation and with whom you are comfortable.